The Magnificent City: ISTANBUL

Lying across the two continents, İstanbul is by all means one of the most popular tourist attractions on Earth. The tiny strait between these two continents, Bosphorus is what makes this city unique. Besides, numerous historical places fascinate the ones interested in cultural tourism.

İstanbul has been populated by the humankind since the 6th century BC. Including Roman, Byzantine and the Ottoman Empires, this very old but fascinating city functioned as a home to many tribes, nomads and of course; civilizations. Not only hosting, İstanbul was also the administrative and religious center of these three empires mentioned. What this privilege brings about is an endless reserve of religious places, historical buildings, museums, palaces, structures carrying the characteristic features of a number of different human societies. Maybe this is the reason why İstanbul has always been a city full of tolerance towards any kind of diversities. In İstanbul, mosques, churches and synagogues stand side by side. 

In terms of population, it is the biggest metropolis of Europe. İstanbul also offers lots of opportunities. Not to mention endless number of historical places, you can find modern artgalleries, exhibitions, festivals, museums, special events in this city-alive each day. But even walking in the streets might be a pleasure, since each corner opens up to another fabulous structure dating back to hundreds of years before today.


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