Lasers used for tattoo removal, reach the colored pigments, without harming the skin, and the absorbed lasers break the pigments with sound and light. The Q Switch Spectra Laser applied with a carbon-based lotion is one of the most effective technologies intended for tattoo removal.

By creating a photothermal effect, it activates the regeneration process of the skin and carries out the tattoo removal process. The most important feature of the Q Switch Spectra Laser is the ability to remove all tattoo colours.

Who can have a tattoo removal procedure?
- Anyone who has decided to remove his/her tattoo can have this procedure.
Q Switch Spectra Laser is used for this purpose.
- Several sessions are required.
- This procedure can be performed in the Clinic SBB.
 Redness may be seen afterwards. One session per week for 3 weeks is required.
- Dr. Serdar Bora Bayraktaroğlu will discuss the details of the procedure during your consultation.

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